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Are you tired of feeling frustrated that your PMU business isn’t getting further ahead?

Ink Mentor combines personalized guidance, time-tested turnkey systems, and elite virtual learning to support not only the growth of your permanent makeup business, but also the growth of it’s leader....you!!



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“Anyone in the beauty and PMU industry would be lucky to have Emily Joy as a coach. I knew a business coach would help me, but didn’t know just how much! What we accomplished together in 3 months, would have taken me over a year to do on my own. Emily helped me understand the difference between 1099 and W2, she helped me hire two employees, fire one employee, get signed up with a payroll company, helped me draft offer letters, a separation letter, employee contracts, non-compete contract, studio policies, and employee handbook …beyond helpful and irreplaceable (and yes in just 3 months, wow)! Emily is extremely giving and knowledgeable and I felt she truly cared to help me become better. She holds you super accountable giving you deadlines you can meet IF you’re willing to put in the work! She’s fun, relatable, and I will be forever grateful for Emily.”

- Amber Guthery | @msamberred | Las Vegas, NV, USA

My Ink Mentor coach was fantastic! She helped me find ways to promote my services to clients in a way I’d never thought of! She was great at helping me expand my business. My coach helped me to reach my goals and build a team which included another PMU artist and a receptionist! I felt like my coach really listened to me; whatever goal I set for myself, she did whatever it took to try and help me get there!”

- Denise Gordon | @facepermanentmakeup | Agoura Hills, CA, USA.

“I worked with Emily Joy and I can’t say enough about her spirit, her knowledge and how much value she brought to our coaching calls. She helped provide the tools to start my online training platform and with her help and guidance I was able to finally hire a team. But the most important part for me was her ability to 100 percent be a partner in every single decision I made. As an entrepreneur we are used to doing things on our own and there is so much to do, to have someone always available to talk to about the ins and outs to help guide you in the right direction is invaluable.”

- Cecilia Giovacchini | @browstudioacademy | San Francisco, CA, USA

“During the time I spent with my mentor, we forged an amazing relationship. She has many years of experience as a successful permanent makeup artist so I always received support that was practical and also emotional! My income TRIPLED after working with my coach and I fully recommend her as a mentor for anyone who needs help building their PMU business!”

- Katie Schofield | @katie_schofield_ | Huddersfield, HD8 ONE, United Kingdom

“Over the course of six months, Emily Joy taught me the business skills I need to pave my own path to success. Inspired me with her work ethic and passion for helping others, stayed up late-night to help me through my mental breakdown, held me accountable, and continued to motivate me even when I felt like giving up. This woman deserves so much recognition and appreciation for what she has done for not only me, but numerous PMU artists who have had the pleasure of having Emily as a mentor.”

- Jieun Soon | @inkji.co | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Having Emily as my coach has truly been a blessing and eye opener. She gave me the strength I needed to operate my business and always has a solution! I can finally say I am now a boss, thanks to her. She noticed my business needed help in specific areas and we got to work right away. She kept me focused, and never allowed me to forget my WHY. Her coaching style is guided towards the reality of what was in front of me which is what I really needed help with. Anyone who is looking to expand their business would benefit from hiring her as their mentor. If I could hire Emily to be my lifetime coach, I would in a heartbeat!”

- Layla Nottham | @mynxninkx | Gaithersburg, MD, USA

“Emily is now not just my mentor, but also my friend.From the moment Emily and I started talking I felt safe and knew Emily truly cared about me (and my business). I knew I could trust Emily to count on to listen and guide me. Emily’s coaching style is fun, creative, informative, and beyond helpful! She pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, in order to help me grow! She made the ‘scary” stuff fun and easy to understand. I have a tendency to over complicate and over think things, but Emily broke everything down in such a simple way that it made it enjoyable. Honestly, everyone could benefit from having Emily as their coach! If you own your own beauty business, Emily’s mentoring will help you grow. She has a heart of gold and truly cares about each person she is coaching. She always makes sure you have a thorough understanding of what you learning and why you are doing it. She literally holds your hand and pushes you at the same time! I still think about all of the wonderful things Emily has taught me at my studio. When I am working I literally hear her voice in my head! She is so amazing! The best decision I have ever made was to have Emily as my coach. I desperately needed a map on how to be a better business owner and she not only gave me a map....she became a friend that guided me to the buried treasure! I think everyone needs a coach like Emily!!! She is truly like no other!!!”

- Jamie Angelis | @iconicbeautyandink | Coral Springs, FL, USA

I was finally able to work with my DREAM coach, Emily Joy. She is like the big sister I never had. She makes me feel heard & seen. She pushes an introvert, like myself, to now being able to go on IG LIVE confidently (and now twice each week)! The value I received from Emily’s knowledge & past experiences is priceless. She works hard in guiding her students, believes in them & transform them into becoming the best versions of themselves! I am now finally leading a team of employees with confidence & gratitude. Emily is a true gem & I am so grateful to have her mentor me for the past 6 months. She deserves all the recognition & success for helping countless artists, just like me, achieve their goals.”

- Kathy Lim | @lessismore.kk | Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

“As an entrepreneur & artist I understand that knowledge is power, that is how we grow. There is always room for growth & improvement. I was recently coached by Emily Joy, Ink Mentor to help take things to the next level and run a little more efficiently; “work smarter" goals. Emily’s approach is authentic, efficient, & intelligent. Her advice has helped me see any weak spots (for instance I'm not super tech savvy, needed app & social media advice) and gave me solid advice as to how to make those areas strong to be running on all cylinders effectively & most efficiently. The tips and tricks she generously gave are 100. I would recommend her to anyone who is in the PMU industry! She is truly a wonderful mentor, artist, & coach! You will not be disappointed.”

- Elsa Torressiani | @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa | Chicago, IL & Long Island, NY

“Emily Joy as a mentor and coach was by far the best experience. She went above and beyond for me. She saw my vision and what I wanted to achieve. Not only is she great with PMU coaching, but as a hair stylist and salon owner, Emily still Knew exactly what to do to help me achieve my goals. I truly believe she's meant to be a mentor because she inspires me still to this day with all her knowledge and motivation ! Whether you're in the PMU world or hair business, Emily is the girl for you! Anyone in the beauty world would be lucky to have her. I myself will continue to have Emily as my mentor/friend.”

- Kayla Webster | @bombshellwigs_bykw | Leduc, Alberta, Canada

“After 3 years in the Permanent Makeup Industry I was looking for a way to take my business to the next level. I have always had such huge goals for myself and needed someone who was in a position and achieved the things I wanted to. My classes grew, my engagement through the roof and so much more! It’s easy to get distracted and feel lost when you’re wanting to take your career to the next level. Emily gave me so much support and lit up the path for me to not only achieve even more success but how to keep it simple and bring all my scatter brain ideas into order. She is an incredible leader and I just vibed with her from day one. Thank you Emily for inspiring me and being a mentor I can count on. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!”

- Megan Sevilla | @ever.after.beauty | Vacaville, CA, USA

“I truly enjoyed working with Emily. She was direct yet supportive and really pushed me to do what I knew needed to be done for so long! If you need to grow your team, but you’re scared like I was, I highly recommend joining forces with Emily. She is open to hearing my ideas and makes me feel like I’m not alone in the PMU world. It can be a lonely place to grow your business but I know I have a supportive mentor for a lifetime. I’m truly grateful she has been there for me.”

- Dania Sierra | @highbrow_designs | Denver, CO, USA